Getting Rid of “Stuff”

My boy wants a “big house” in a development like his friends. We live in a small (1000 sq. ft) house in an older part of town. We like the charm of an older house, and newer homes in our area are having trouble selling because there are so many of them. If we moved, it would be somewhere with more land.

I think that part of the reason he does not like our house is that we are currently working on a number of diy projects. In addition, there is a lot of clutter. There is really no excuse for the amount of clutter we have, except that I do not have a lot of time for cleaning.

In the past year, I was able to get rid of a lot of “low hanging” fruit. I shredded and recycled all of our notes from undergraduate and graduate school, and donated almost all of our textbooks. This alone made a difference, but it has not been enough.

My current focus has been clothes. In the past week, we have donated 5 bags of clothes, and I plan on continuing. So far, we haven’t regretted anything! Some of the clothes are in great condition, but we have not worn them for years.

For the kid’s clothes, I am calling consignment again this weekend to schedule a drop-off time. Whatever she does not take is going to be donated. There is a lot of sorting to be done this week!
Photo by eflon

Run 2016 in 2016


For the second year in a row, I am going to attempt the Run the Edge Challenge.  The idea is to complete 2016 miles on foot in a manner that will be a personal challenge and improve fitness.  For me personally, I chose to count total miles overall because it encourages me to work productively around the house as well as take frequent breaks from my sedentary job.

Last year, I managed roughly 1100 miles solo. It was nice to get a year “baseline” of my activity. I went to the gym in the winter months, but then work piled up and I lost momentum in the spring.  Looking back, minor illnesses like bronchitis were huge setbacks, so my goal this year is to work up some extra miles at the beginning of the year to prevent from getting off track.

If you’re interested in checking out the challenge, go to: